Practice Tuesday 29 March

We will focus of course on TR this week. Today, Red & Black sail 420’s. You will sail some FJ’s this week as well. Looks like I brought the wind home with me. The BVI had 20-30 knots every day and night. Looks to be close to that during the day, with a few breaks, right through Sunday. The plan will be to minimize injury, maximize crew substitutions, and work on outstanding boat handling in breeze so we can worry less about team racing during the games on the weekends.
This may be somewhat frustrating, as we may NOT sail more than 6 boats when the forecast is 20-30. Many of you may watch from the gas dock. This is an ideal time to learn.
For now, here are the teams. We will also work with heavy crew combinations:


We may copy a few Yale drills, not sure yet. Please plan for FTL starts, first beat combos, and final beat covering/balancing.

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