Race Day Results, Wednesday 4/13/2016


Wind east/SE, 4-9 knots. Courses W3, W4.
Incredibly competitive event today. Lighter winds brought everyone into the mix.
The first beat of race 5 was one some of the best sailing I have ever seen at Severn School. 7 of the 9 boats had a top-3 3 finish today.

  • This event showed clearly that you have to be fast to be good. Without great speed today, you were not able to sail in clear air.
  • more passing lanes downwind than maybe there should have been. Be very aggressive to get wing on as soon as possible. boats that match raced each other both lost.  (A covers B, and C wins).
  • mainsail trim vital today, and also moving jib trim in the lighter winds
  • have to roll your boat later in lighter air! and a lot harder!
  • plenty of room on the line for all to get a good start. be careful of getting pinned on the left in unstable winds. It’s really hard to get back to the right. Generally speaking, the winning boats in college sailing come from the right side of the starting line more often than not. (not making this up, it’s been studied). So, if you go to the pin, do it right, and always be willing to duck a boat to be able to sail your own race.
  • stay out of foul trouble!

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