Monday Meeting Summary 4/18/2016


  1. We buried last weekend’s event. From here on out, it will only serve as a positive motivator. If you are interested in the quote I read from Michael Herr, let me know.
  2. Talked about what we learned from the sailing that can make us better. My observations:
    1. Far better and more aggressive boathandling. We have to employ more physical roll tacking in lighter air, practice the “second flatten” upwind, and learn to roll downhill better. We were out worked and out tacked and gybed by the top team this weekend. Here’s the other news. The top teams from California are better than them. So, we have some work to do.
    2. Never be over early in the middle of a long line after a general recall. Don’t be that guy.
    3. Work on mental game, and toughen up.
    4. Don’t split with your pack downwind, when your pack is the leading pack! get clear air, for sure, but be on the long gybe!!
  3. NESSA/MASSA regatta is not supported by Severn School. If anyone is interested in going, please talk to me. You must find your own ride up there and pay for all expenses.
  4. Just take a look at the schedule. We talked about the JV regatta this weekend and the DC Sail event as well.
  5. We are all about team racing now.
  6. Review our playbook.
  7. Review the RRS, appendix D
  8. Review the Call Book, and the 2015 amendments.


  • Know the definition of “Last Point of Certainty.” 1. ‘Last Point of Certainty’ There are many occasions when umpires are required to judge (often from imperfect positions) the exact moment when the state of a boat, or her relationship with another boat, changes. Examples include passing head to wind or establishing an overlap. In such cases the umpires will assume this state or relationship has not changed until they are certain that it has changed.
  • Read and learn Call A1, A2, A3, and A4. Be prepared for a discussion on these rules interpretations

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