MASSA Team Race Districts Spring 2016 Championship

Severn School finished second at the 2016 MASSA TR District Championship, earning a berth at the 2016 Baker Team Race National Championship in Anacortes, WA
This was, as always, a very tough regatta, and after the disappointment of the Mallory qualifier, our entire team worked very hard, focused solely on team racing, and pulled it off, led by Coach Duncan in Norfolk, VA. TR Districts 2016
We were missing some key players in our training due to a stomach bug/flu, that seemed to find almost everyone on the team at some point, so our ability to sail all day, literally from 0930-1830, is a huge accomplishment. What’s more, our team lost their very first team race. Not deterred, they kept focus, and got better all day, and in the final four, won every race.
We still have a lot of work to do, as there is another level out there, showed to us by Christchurch School. From here on out, we will be team racing!

Full results HERE



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