Practice 5-9-2016

Practice today:
Warm up (before organized practice)

  • Clear out drill with 3 boats
  • Mark 1 Admiral-in-middle


  • Communication
    • Red Team Can’t talk during race
    • switch crews (Red & Black). Red Crews call race
    • Develop known “Template” communication
      • One boat does one known thing all the time
      • All know what to do without talking during given situations
  • Downwind
    • Red ahead. Cover in a 1-3-6, 2-3-5, 1-4-5
  • Boat Handling
    • normal stuff
    • FTL 2-whistle LUFF starts.
      • 1. Follow the leader.
      • 2. when you hear 2 whistles, go head to wind and stop boat.
      • 3. one whistle means “go”, which is either go into a tacking drill or a race.
  • Team Racing
    • FTL starts & first beats
    • Some practice starts
Connor Caroline Sam Austin
Stephanie Blair Caroline Parker
Stephen Aidan M. Abby Camille
Shiv Caleb
With Coach White
Peter Blake Will Marcus
OUT Jack Sophie Jackson Aidan B.

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