Practice Plan, 9-13-2016


Team Race Practice today: UPWIND SAILING is our focus. We need to work on BALANCE. Discuss this term with your team and work to get it right. Unbalanced, or not thinking about balance, is the surest way to turn a winner into a loser.

  1.  Launch 3rd Coach Boat! Make sure it gets down the ramp before sailboats.
  2. skippers work out, crews rig. Coach Duncan is our team Workout leader.
  3. TR Drills: Focusing on first beat recognition. First implementation of TR Playbook and things to know. If there is time, we will work on Final Beat cover schemes and recognition. FTL starts in staggered order. FTL final beat drill. Introduce final beat Balance Drill (4 boats only)
  4. We will focus on the 2 TR teams below. While running live TR drills, the other boats will work with Coach Duncan on boat-handling and possibly 2 on 2’s.
  5. A few first beat team race live-demos and final beat combo matches.


  1. Meet outside weight room at 2:55 PM, dressed and ready to go.
Bayless Connor McNeil Caroline
Houck Stephanie Morgan Aidan
Bayless Caroline White Camille
Bruce Jordan Reilly Blair
Bruce Sam Adam Marcus
Fagan Mariner Taczak Sophie
Hawkins Maddie Buckley Aidan
Selby Jack Ankenbrand Chandler
Reilly Sam Tindall Abbie
Jensen Peter Meyer Maddie
McCollum Will Wahba Ryan
Coach Boat
Harris Addi
Allman Blake

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