Race Day Results 9-21-2016


  • Steph/Aidan clearly the best overall today. Why? They stayed patient, got ok/good starts, and sailed toward the mark downwind. They were flushed on the first beat of the first race, like 9th, and came back over the next legs picking off one boat after another.
  • I think we all learned a lot about downwind sailing today; at least I hope so. You have to sail in narrow lanes, but please don’t be content with staying in bad air, or missing shifts or staying in pressure. The wind shifts downwind too. We need to gybe/wing on/wing off more. We were WAY too content sailing in slow lanes downwind
  • Gate choice: usually there’s a favored gate, but it’s not favored if there’s a 5 boat pileup at it. Get free and clear air in a crowded mark rounding.
  • Crews, don’t hold the sheet DOWN (weigh it down) with your arm in light air. It may be more work, but you have to hold the sheet up a little to keep the leech from closing off.
  • Winners upwind today didn’t get too stuck in a corner, but did aggressively tack toward pressure, trying to be in phase (on the lifted tack). This wasn’t easy, but some did it consistently
  • ease vang downwind!
  • Work on your mark roundings!



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