TR Tournament: Severn won today 3-1 over ChampCamp. Great sailing & Photos

Today was a TR best-of-five tournament between newcomer, “ChampCamp” and the Severn Admirals.
The Champs came out swinging, as champs often do, and took race 2. In the end, the veteran Admirals were simply too much to handle, and ChampCamp fell, 3-1.
In the regular team photo, you will notice the cameo appearance we had from Cam Newton, who crewed for Stephanie today. Thanks for that.
Then, in the all-important “mean-face” team photo, it looked extremely close, with outstanding individual cross-isle stare efforts from Taczak and Jensen….. but then I looked at Jordan……and it became an easy call. Severn Admirals also won the mean-face competition as well. Rookie mistake there with the big smile.
Lots learned today about team racing.


img_5572 img_5574 img_5579 img_5583 img_5588 img_5590

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