Practice Monday 10-24-2016

  1. Brand new Gill dry suit for sale:
  2. Head out and sail rudderless if you are early
  3. Crew communication work today.
  4. Practice (team race) starts. we have 4 TR teams today.
  5. Downwind, we will practice in combos:    RED:  1,4,6, and 2,4,5, and then BLACK in the same combos. So we will do a start, team race to marks 1 & 2, and end the drill there, and then get in our 1,4,6 and 2,4,5 combos to marks 3-4.
1 Stephanie Abby T
2 Caroline B Caroline M
3 Sam Bruce Camille
4 Maddie Sophie
5 Jordan Blair
6 Mariner Aidan M
7 Sam Reilly Peter J Laser
8 Teddy Charlie Connor
9 Christiaan Gabby
10 Jack Marcus
11 Baillie Hayden
12 Will M Maddie M
OUT Coach Boat
Aidan B Ryan W
Chandler Benjamin
Addi James
Blake Sophia B
Coach Sitz

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