Thursday 3-2-2017


Meet after school in Teel 302 at 2:45, preferably dressed for working out.

  1. Go over TR Playbook together, and some things we talked about over the winter.
  2. Divide up into teams and begin to discuss communication. Develop team terms, who says what when, etc. Begin to develop a Red Team playbook (mostly for communication terms) and a Black Team (Champ Camp) playbook.
  3. Play Final Beat & First Beat scatter and have each team member call the ball at least once. Rules are:
    1. You have to make the call RIGHT AWAY. Waiting doesn’t help
    2. Each player does this:
      1. we are winning or losing / speed up or slow down the game
      2. critical focus
      3. communicate & execute\
  4. Work out in Gym for 45 minutes minimum AS A TEAM.

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