Monday Practice 3-27-2017

Today we will sail, but if there is no wind we will:

  1. Work out at the marina as normal. Let’s create 3-4 running routes, figure out their distances, and get them set so we know how much we are running. Consider making personal training goals, writing them down, and working to reach/exceed them.
  2. Go through every single boat with a checklist. Fix all things that we can, make a concise list of things we need to do. I will bring checklists.
  3. clean the shed.
  4. make room for our new shed.
  5. clean the back area, possibly through out old sails.
  6. discuss and sign up for regatta hosting duties. Black and Red are both sailing in this event. To those not sailing, I’d like some help on race committee and shore committee.
  7. play TR Final beat scatter with each of your players on the hot seat. Repeat if time. Write down 3 weaknesses of your team, and how you might improve.
  8. check all marks
  9. check Ollie
  10. bullhorns work?

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