Tuesday 4-25 Practice

We do expect our sailors to be in top physical shape. That’s your responsibility now. No more workouts before daily practice. If you want to workout, do so on your own time. Feel free to discuss as a team if you want to set something up yourselves outside of practice on the water. There are plenty of resources on our website. I am going to work out myself in the mornings before school, so I will be opening the gym. Keep in mind that if we have a no-wind day, we will talk in the classroom, and then you will have the option to workout afterward, but that’s on your own initiative now.

When a practice plan is set up on this site before practice, execute it by going to the sailing center and rigging up and getting out on the water as soon as possible. There are 2 paths into the water, so don’t sit around idly and wait to be 11th in a line if you can use the beach. If you are out early, you have more time to work on your own things. If there is no plan set up, wait for one to be presented. Our goal is to get out on the water as soon as possible. On any given day we have different missing sailors, so the teams may change based on that alone, day to day.

Today is a scored race day. I’d advise working on medium/heavy-air boat handling as much as possible today. Ryan and Hayden will sub in as best as we can. Today we will all sail 420’s simply to have a true one-design fleet. Teams are listed below. Expect teams to change some, to be evaluated, and if you have questions about your status please come forward and ask before practice at school. We are looking for the most well-conditioned, fastest, best boat-handling team with a team-first positive attitude that we can find, and we are lucky to have many sailors that can fill that role.
-(when we sail FJ’s) FJ crews hike hard, arms up and out to help with hiking; ease jib aggressively but not too much so, keep bow up when needed to keep water out of boat, be very quick in tacks and minimize roll in big wind. Downwind do wild thing when needed, stay low in in center of boat. You must control jib with strength and quickness.
-420 crews hike very hard all the time, don’t ease jib unless skipper drives poorly and over-loads the boat. I am watching crew hiking closely today. Weight back in the boat upwind some, try to keep boat planing. Don’t get caught hiking too far back in lulls and when not planing. Downwind do wild thing when needed, stay low in in center of boat. You must control jib with strength and quickness. Work on better mark roundings: hike extremely hard around the weather mark, ease jib somewhat slowy, and make sure at the leeward mark your trim follows the turn. Do NOT overtrim the jib too early around the mark. If there are lulls out there, shift gears, use weather/cross sheeting, and be active.
Late boats will be scored DNS. No shows to practice are DNS.
We will keep and post scores, and there will be a Judge boat on the water to witness any incidents. The judge boat can instigate rule 42 violations as well. While I do not expect any of those given the forecast, it has happened in the past to us at a national championship in 15 knots (we were flagged for rocking).

This will begin a series of cumulative race day scores, and we may score crews as well as skippers, and in some cases switch things around. Race courses will be both a standard W2 with offset and gate, and we will also run a trapezoid.

I will be evaluating crews today on the heavy weather crewing techniques (if we have heavy air) and I will be evaluating skippers based on the results sheet. We will evaluate all for upcoming regatta placement. If you feel you are deficient in an area, please ask, and/or go out early and practice.

1 420 Houck Stephanie Morgan Aidan Tindall Abbie
2 420 Bayless Connor McNeil Caroline
3 420 Hawkins Maddie Adam Marcus
4 420 Bayless Caroline Reilly Blair
5 420 Fagan Mariner Taczak Sophie
6 420 Bruce Sam White Camille Coach Boat
7 420 Bruce Jordan Riefkohl Andrea Lamb Hayden
8 420 McCollum Will Harris Addi Wahba Ryan
9 420 Cromwell Teddy Granitto Charlie
10 420 Smith Christiaan Meyer Maddi

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