MIT Gouge Files from Stephen Duncan: Turbo FJ

  • These boats are arguably lighter, and definitely a little more snappy than the Zim FJs
  • The booms are raised a little, I have not noticed any difference that pertains to boom-height/sail size going from them to “normal” FJs. Nor have I heard of anyone else mentioning any difference
  • The mains are kind of old, the foot is loose, and it is hard to get it super tight. Also make sure the string of the outhaul is all the way to the back of the boom if you are trying to max outhaul, sometimes the string get stuck partway up the boom and you can’t get more outhaul on unless you move the string
  • We have Sta-Masters for our shrouds, so it is easy to adjust rake between sets. The nominal, normal setting is 4.5

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