Race Day Results 5-2-2017

-More skipper to leeward in big wind downwind. Must be able to transition to this
-not a ton of consistent sailing
-more mainsheet ease in very big puffs

-too many angles downwind. The wind shifts downwind too… be willing to gybe, wing on /puff more, but do NOT over-stand the leeward gate or finish. Far too many boats had poor downwind legs. the boats that put their bow toward the mark downwind made out very well today
-upwind was very tricky today. You had to be willing to sail in bad air on the lifted tack if you did not win a lane at the start. The boats that did this, generally did well. That said, you had to be very disciplined about seeing the next puff and capitalizing on every wind shift. While the breeze trended right today overall, either side could work, you simply had to tack aggressively (and be able to tack, which many boats were not).
-every small boat handling error hurt today, with the fleet so close together.
-be very careful of weather mark fouls. There were several tacking inside the zone today….
-many mark roundings were poor. Yo must work to be upwind next to the mark, not a boat-length from the mark
-weight trim in the lulls was too far aft…. move your weight forward a bit in the lulls upwind!
-overall very competitive sailing; minimizing mistakes is absolutely essential
-the bottom line: Boats that did well today managed their starts, and had very good/excellent starts off the line in most every race. You simply must start well to do well in HS/College sailing. You MUST be able to hold your position, accelerate, and windsprint. Every great sailor can recover somewhat from one, or maybe two, bad starts; no one on earth can do it all the time. If you are not consistently getting good starts, this type of sailing will be a very steep uphill climb.  Keep working on them.


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