Varsity Team & Teams for Upcoming Weekend


Here are the teams I’d like for the upcoming 3 events. Please let me know if for some reason you cannot make these.
Also, below, are our starting boat assignments. These, as you know, are not etched in stone. We have a lot of great potential and talent on this team, and that talent and potential will always be evaluated and given the chance to earn it’s place.
Based on our tryout period, the teams below reflect our starting line up today, and also indicates our varsity team, which this fall is 17 sailors. Congratulations. This was a great tryout period; everyone worked hard, and the great news is that for a lot of the time, we will still work together as one big team, especially on race days (Wednesdays). I consider our two team race teams to be virtually even; what’s more, players on RED and BLACK can, and likely will, interchange. Whichever team is the better team in practice will earn the privilege of sailing for Severn School on the weekend.
For the Varsity boats 1-6; Please consult with your crew/skipper and come up with a tactful, tasteful boat name. You will name your boat; I look forward to seeing your names.
DC Sail Sunday 10 SEPT Sunday         Coach:  Sitzmann and/or Anne
   A div. Mariner Fagan /  Caroline McNeil
   B div   Sam Bruce / Ryan Wahba
AYC/SSA Varsity 16 SEPT  Saturday       Coach: Sitzmann
   A div   Maddie Hawkins / Blair Reilly
   B div  Caroline Bayless / Abbie Tindall
DC Sail Team Race 17 SEPT Sunday    Coach:  Duncan and/or Sitzmann
   Sam Bruce / Ryan Wahba
   Jordan Bruce / Andrea Riefkohl
   Owen Hennessey / Addi Harris
Boat Assignments VARSITY 
1. Maddie Hawkins / Blair Reilly
2. Caroline Bayless / Abbie Tindall
3. Mariner Fagan /  Caroline McNeil
4. Sam Bruce / Ryan Wahba
5. Jordan Bruce / Andrea Riefkohl
6. Owen Hennessey / Addi Harris
Marcus Adam- Heavy crew / skipper
Camille White -crew / skipper
Charlie Granitto -crew
Maddi Meyer -crew
Chase Hillyard -crew
Teddy Cromwell
Patrick Dolan
Madeline Toomey
Christiaan Smith
Zander King
Benji Damon
Brooke Arnold
Parker Schless
Jack O’Donnell
Hayden Lamb

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