DC Sail Varsity Results

DC SAIL VARSITY FLEET 910 – Final Results

Congratulations to
A Div:  Mariner/Caroline
B Div:  Sam/Ryan

…for winning the DC Sail Varsity event. This was at their new venue, during a Nationals baseball game, just across the street.
It’s a miniature Charles River, with humbling and inexplicable wind changes. Our team overall minimized risk, avoided over-earlies, and stayed mostly focused to win.

Our boatspeed was good overall. Our boat handling improved, but can and needs to improve more. We will talk more about the event tomorrow.


-be willing to make the extra wing-on/off gybe as you near the leeward mark. Too often we just floated in when two moves could have been better

-always focus before the start. Do NOT let distractions take you out of the game

-if you can’t tack when you want, do what you need to to get out of being pinned. Or, don’t get pinned.

-roll tack late, or later

-adjust mainsail trim for more height

-Never over trim the FJ jib when downspeed, or for long. This is a speed killer

-don’t switch sides upwind or downwind in a goofy venue

-nice job getting better as the day went on

DC SAIL VARSITY FLEET 910 – Final Results

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