Race Day Results 9-19-2017

Race Day

  • Boat handling was average/below average for all
  • Need to roll tack far later, almost all the time. You have to work on timing. Start the turn slow, but then speed it up as the boat slows, and then roll hard and late. Skippers MUST roll more. Crews can’t do it by themselves.
  • The Middle of the race course seemed to be a bad place to be today. It was kinda like crossing the desert; once you start you couldn’t stop, and all new wind and puffs came from the sides.
  • Some good examples of ignoring the “last-lesson-learned”. It was good to see boats sail up opposite sides of the course when conditions dictated that you should
  • Less impressed downwind. Some good tactics early (also some mistakes), but too many boats get way too conservative after 50% of the leg. I am not sure why, other than nerves or laziness or lack of focus. You are allowed to gybe/wing on/off more often than you do. With good boat handling in light air these maneuvers will only help you, in addition to putting you on the correct point of sail.
  • Link puffs upwind (downwind too). I saw a few boats do this (boat 2 & 1 in particular) when not winning, and their ability to tack into the next sliver of wind was a difference-maker.
  • Communicate, learn, evaluate, but do not over-think. There’s an important balance between TMI and not focusing enough. The point is to use all information, continue communicating, but do NOT get stuck in an automated, last-lesson-learned tactical analysis.

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