Race Day Cumulative Results 9/20/2017

As mentioned on Tuesday, Race Day results (below) will accumulate next week to determine who starts for us at the League Championship. We will finish this off early in the week so we can switch to training in FJ’s.

  • Left paid off… until it didn’t. Hope you noticed that I kept moving the starting line, to make the left less compelling. At some point the LLL (last lesson learned) had to kick in, which is to say, free yourself of copying your last beat.
  • Still too many poor positioning and angles downwind, and FAR too few gybes based on wind changes. The wind shifts downwind too! Some teams did take advantage downwind, but not enough. Our regatta winner so far was guilty of this once, and it cost them the win in race 1 today.
  • Middle again today was a desert. Better to stay on the sides, and/or link puffs.
  • You all need to sort out the rabbit start windsprint. we’ll talk about this tomorrow.
  • So far, the winning team (Ryan & Sam) have avoided very costly mistakes. Somehow, they have made decisions that minimize risk. This is the key.  In a normal championship regatta, there are 18-20 races. While 5 points doesn’t seem that much, if you look at their scores, that’s what wins events; minimizing risk.

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