St Mary’s Practice 11/1/2017


  • Boats turn easier
  • Much more responsive
  • sheeting angles different
  • get used to the headboard problem/inverted batten
  • sail downwind with less heel, and maybe less board in water than normal if you’re going DW in flat water
  • ease vang in light air, but not too much upwind. Sail has a narrow groove; fast is attainable but takes some tweaking
  • be patient sailing upwind here. Never corner early (at least today)
  • less powerful mainsails mean you have to be very careful trimming them
  • work on point mode; there is one, and also don’t stay in it too long
  • crew weight in and low (and sometimes forward) is critical
  • sail the boat very quietly upwind for maximum speed. the boat stalls out quicker since its lighter
  • make gains winging on and off

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