Practice Tuesday 2/20/2018


Apologies if people didn’t know what was going on; I thought I was pretty clear in our last meeting that sailing starts today and we’d be at the sailing center unless the weather didn’t allow that.
So, we’ll be at the sailing center today. We will work on the boats, rig up the FJ’s and if possible go sailing.
1. RIG FJ’s
2. Bail out all 420’s.
3. Re-rig boom vangs, and/or add twist shackles
4. Launch Coach Boat
5. Build props for 420’s so they sit more upright when on dollies
6. Work on marks and make sure they all are OK (assuming they make it down there today)
If you have questions about the schedule please look at our Google calendar:

There is NO BUS TODAY. Unfortunately the school cannot provide bus transportation. If you cannot get a ride, or are not allowed to ride in someone’s car, you are off today. I will hope to find a drive for tomorrow, and I also hope to have a bus driver next week.
We will do the same tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.


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