Practice Thursday 3-8-2018

(Fleet) Race Day for Everyone
-We will run practice starts for boats that are out early.
-Course is a W4 with an offset & leeward gate (like always).
-Coach boats are official JUDGE boats with full power to call fouls
-Coach K may edit lineup for JV

moderate/breezy boat handling. Work very hard to keep the boat balanced and flat. Minimize boat handling mistakes and maximize speed. Discuss de-powering options for your team; this is important-> shift gears when necessary.
Consider your day and what goals you have. It will be tiring, so make sure you plan a strategy to do as well as possible in 4-5 races total.

Camille skipper boat 6 out till Owen comes (should be there at 3:30 or so), then Camille comes in coach boat as substitute.

1 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil Charlie Granitto
2 Maddie Hawkins Blair Reilly Chase Hilliard
3 Sam Bruce Ryan  Wahba
4 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl
5 Caroline Bayless Abby Tindall Coach boat
6 Camille White Marcus Adam  Addi Harris
8 Teddy Cromwell Brooke Arnold JV Coach Boat
9 Christiaan Smith Maddi Meyer
10 Zander King Hayden Lamb
11 Patrick Dolan Jack O’Donnell Late
12 Benj Damon Rees Tindall Owen Hennessey

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