Race Day Results 5-10-2018

Today we started in a westerly that kept backing, all the way to the SE; RC aggressively moved marks to give some decent races. Our first race of the day was abandoned; as an FYI, Boat 2 and 5 were well ahead in the abandoned race.
The left generally seemed the safer bet today; but one of the keys to today was keeping the race course as simple as possible, stay patient, and sail what you’re given. There were many lead changes and lots of passing downwind as well.
-be careful of over-vanging, especially downwind
-some tacks were taking too long; make sure you work on rhythm and keeping the boat tracking.
-lots of scores all over the place today; two teams avoided a bad race and stayed in the top 4; boat boats generally got off the line ok, and minimized risk upwind by sailing in clear (but narrw at times) lanes that almost always allowed them to tack exactly when they wanted to.
-keep your focus positive and let bad things go

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