Practice Tuesday 5-15 UPDATED

PLAN TO Stay a little later today…. likely leaving at 6pm
I may switch you all around a bit today;
UPDATE: see the boat placements below. We will sail in the boat designations below assuming there are 2 full teams visiting.
There will be 5 teams out there today:

1. Severn Red (z420 1,2,3)
2. Severn Black (z420 4,5,6)
3. Severn JV (z420 ,7,8,9)
4. Broadneck (z420 10,11,12)
5. any extras in FJ’s

6. Any extra JV teams able to sail can take out an FJ.
Practice plan:
-Boat handling warm up for those out early
-maybe one fleet race for warm up.
-Severn Black vs. Severn Red, team race all the way around.
Severn JV vs. vs. Broadneck,to marks 1&2. Then form up into a 1,3,5, and 2,4,6 downwind to mark 3. GO back to starting line and repeat.
-then Severn RED plays Broadneck, other boats do boat handling while waiting for next team race

Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil
Maddie Hawkins Blair Reilly
Jordan Bruce Camille White
Sam Bruce Ryan  Wahba
Caroline Bayless Abby Tindall
Owen Hennessey Marcus Adam

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