Race Day Results

Race Day Results below E-SE wind, 4-8 knots, choppy. 3 Protests heard, one DSQ, and one RDG.
Some crew switches not reflected in the names below; my apologies.
-Conditions today favored teams that looked for opportunities to stay out of trouble. Mariner/Ryan’s day was impressive, made all the more so given he was over early in race one, and made a very nice comeback. The other side of that “very nice comeback” was…. others ahead of him made mistakes. Lots of moments today when boats would cluster, and slow each other. Boat 2 and Boat 1 seemed to avoid the big clusters, and they did pretty well.
The wind shifts and sides weren’t very predictable or dominant; so you had to sail with what you had, where you were, and be content to minimize errors. It’s a simple formula but hard to execute.
-Still too many fouls, mark hits, and lack of accountability.
-boat handling by top 2 boats was part of the reason they did well. They were gaining just a bit more out of tacks and gybes, and mark roundings. Mark roundings need work!
-overall very competitive sailing
-every single boat handling maneuver matters. Communicate, work together, think ahead, and get better.
Our Varsity Team will start against St. Marys. Varsity, everyone bring your pinnies!!! Exact teams TBD.
A more detailed practice plan will be sent out tomorrow; Severn 2 (and maybe 3) will sail against St. Mary’s as well.
I will run and umpire the match between Severn and St. Mary’s. Coach K will run the scrimmage between Severn 2 and Severn 3. We will work toward a Severn 3 team that will compete this weekend at the DC Sail Varsity TR.
Lasers will be sailing tomorrow so we may lose Marcus & Patrick.

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