Practice Wednesday 10/24/2018


c420 Team Race Day.
-practice starts. Work on timing/stop-starting, team work. Please focus on aggressive but FAIR play and seek to settle your own situations out yourselves before the start. As an umpire I will be very unhappy if I have to make calls before the start
-communication on first beat. Today I want crews actively to communicate plays, positions, and who-is-where stuff. Please work on communication with each other and discuss this BEFORE you head out sailing.
-We will work on RED  2, 4,5,  and 2, 3, 6 downwind today. Talk about what you want to achieve. I am sending Red Team a list of things to go over for DW and 2nd offset. Please read and discuss.
-maybe a few all-around.

1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba OUT
2 Maddie Hawkins Caroline Bayless Charlie Granitto
3 Sam Bruce Abby Tindall
4 Jordan Bruce Addi Harris
5 Marcus Adam Rees Tindall
6 Owen Hennessey Andrea Riefkohl coach boat
7 Zander King Raam Fox Hayden  Lamb
8 Teddy Cromwell Jack O’Donnell Christiaan Smith
9 Patrick Dolan Matt Hoyt Alex Brenia
10 Chase O’Malley
11 Brooke Arnold Cole Petrinko
12 Ella May Corckran Anna Howell
FJ1 Benj Damon
FJ3 Maddi Meyer
FJ4 Chase Hilliard Chris Sixbey

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