Practice Wednesday 10-17-2018

Some final tuning up for the weekend. We will 1. Do about 4-5 practice starts, 2 minute sequence. Will be important to work on your timing and boat handling in breeze, which we haven’t had much practice in. 2. random order final beat drill. Pick different places in  the fleet (front, middle, back) and work […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-16-2018

Race Day   FJ   1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba OUT 2 Maddie Hawkins Addi Harris Owen Hennessey 3 Sam Bruce Charlie G. 4 Caroline Bayless Rees coach boat 5 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 6 Marcus Adam Abby Tindall 7 Zander King Chris Sixbey 8 Teddy Cromwell Hayden Lamb 9 Patrick Dolan Matt Hoyt Alex […]

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Practice Monday 10-15-2018

Team Race Practice Day Today we will do TR oriented boat handling. UPWIND -1 whistle = tack -2 whistles =  stop/start -3 whistles = 360 DOWNWIND -1 whistle = gybe to wing on -2 whistles =  wing on/off -3 whistles = 360 -4 whistles = stop 360/720 practice. Talk to your partner about what makes […]

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Race Day Results 10-12-2018

Today (Friday) we had a N breeze around 6-16 knots, with significant left trend pressure, which would inexplicably go back right. Race course was perfectly set for a very unstable wind, although we kept moving to accommodate a backing trend all afternoon. Great gear-shifting conditions, with full white-cap hiking followed by in-the-boat lulls. Observations: – […]

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Practice Friday, 10-12-2018

Race Day. No meeting; We will do as many races as we can. Please rig and get out to tune up ASAP. Course will be normal; I will attempt to change the line and leeward gate favor; my intent is to keep the course slightly too short, which will mimic what you will see tomorrow […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-10-2018

MUST HAUL both Whaler coach boats today after (or before) practice. Finding clear air downwind and lane management. Theme for today will be sailing in narrow, BUT CLEAR AIR lanes downwind. DW laylines are a lot narrower and offer fewer places to be, so planning and aggressively sailing for clear air is a must. Sail […]

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