Practice Wednesday 3-13

Today: We will start with some normal warm up drills. make sure all 12 z420’s are sailable. bring both extra boats in. Send trailer back out to lot. Make sure we have all 12 rudders, tillers, extensions, sails, etc. ALL 12 boats are being sailed on Friday. Check all universals, etc. for function TR PRACTICE […]

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Race Day Results 3-12

Race Day Results Nice day on the Magothy River with a moderate and changing northerly at 5-12 knots. Great day for sailing. 2 coach boats worked all day!!  🙂 -Lots of tight packs off the line which allowed free boats to recover from bad starts, as in several cases boats competed wind-sprint style to the […]

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Practice Tueday 3-12

Practice Today and ROW. Today: Race Day. This will be an evaluative race day. Please head right out, and practice as you wish if you get out early. I will not wait for late/slow boats. I am going to set the start pretty far down the river today, maybe almost to the condos. We are […]

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Practice Monday 3-11

I will be a little late to practice today. Please rig up and head out. I will follow shortly. Extras head out in the whaler. I will start both boats so wait for me. Also, could you please take that 420 (gently) off of the trailer that’s near our shed, and put it on the […]

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Race Day Results 3-6-2019

-great day for the fans, maybe a little more frustrating for the sailors. W/NW wind 6-17 knots, with 30-40 degree wind shifts throughout. Winning the start today seemed not that important; boat 4 was over/hit the mark, spun, and was right back in it within 1/3 of the beat. -what was key today was being […]

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Practice 3-6-2019

Race Day. No meeting, just head out; all in 420’s. If other coach boat isn’t working we will have extras on dock today, with only 1-2 in the coach boat. Dress warm/drysuits required, please ALL wear wool or similar hats. 420 coach boat 1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba 2 Marcus Adam Benj Damon Chase O’Malley […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-5-2019

LIGHT AIR Stops/Starts / Downspeed acceleration, mark rounding day, Maybe some starts. Today we will work on stopping/starting. This skill is vital before the start and in team racing. The goal is to execute an acceleration as quickly as possible, without losing too much upwind height. This is another “feel” part of sailing where the […]

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Practice Monday 3-4-2019

-Hoping to move many of the boats inside the marina today for the season. Ideally we carve out at least 10-12 spots so we can rig up inside the marina lot. Be careful of the trees when you roll your boat into the marina.. or just go around the ramp way. -Crew list below shows […]

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