Race Day Results 3-12

Race Day Results

Nice day on the Magothy River with a moderate and changing northerly at 5-12 knots. Great day for sailing. 2 coach boats worked all day!!  🙂

-Lots of tight packs off the line which allowed free boats to recover from bad starts, as in several cases boats competed wind-sprint style to the detriment of tacking on that first shift or change in pressure location. Very often picking a side is not just a wind shift but the wind velocity trends around the course, and it’s key to be able to sail one’s own race as early as possible.

-being more diligent at 3 minutes, or before 3 minutes, is still a weakness of our team. It’s important constantly to gauge the course and be completely in tune, and not simply line up at 2 minutes or 1:30 and stall it out for the start.

-downwind many teams played defense protecting clear air, which allowed teams from behind to make gains. While this is normal, top of the fleet teams need to be bold and gybe/wing on/off aggressively in each wind change to position for an open lane and a direct course to the gate or finish.

-everyone had a top-5 finish today, and 7 of the 9 teams had a top 3 finish, and no one avoided a bottom-3 finihs, alluding to our fleets competitiveness and excellent sailing. The lesson here: keep working hard, stay patient, focused, and relaxed, take each point that you can, and minimize fundamental mistakes

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