Sail Sand Point Venue

Sail Sand Point is an old seaplane hangar on the northern part of Lake Washington. The lake is locked, so there should be no discernible current. The water temperature is in the high 50’s. This is generally a light, maybe medium-air venue with afternoon thermals (from the city) which would be a northerly. Southerlies are more gradient-driven. This is generally a flat water venue.

The Center has 20 Zim Flying Juniors just like ours, non-filled rails. They are also importing (from 2 separate locations), another fleet of Whitecap FJ’s. We will be sailing 2 divisions simultaneously.

Weather forecast so far for this weekend calls for abnormally high temperatures. Saturday might be in the mid-80s with lots of sun. This means sun protection and you will NOT need to bring drysuits, most likely. Unfortunately as of now the wind forecast models are looking fairly grim on both days. As of now expect light air, delays, and sailing in the afternoon, but potentially no sailing in the morning.


Average May weather in Seattle:

Sailflow Sail Sand Point:,-122.277,13,1,!116695,2

Sail Sand Point GOOGLE MAP

Current weather conditions at Sail Sand Point

Our Residence for Seattle

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