Sail Maine Venue, Portland, ME

Sail Maine is a community sailing center in downtown Portland.

Baker TR Championship ROTATIONS

Rotations, PDF


  • Whitecap “turbo” 420’s.
  • Sails are mostly normal size. Sails will be BRAND new.


  • can be choppy/very choppy with traffic/reverberation from harbor, current swirls, etc.. This is often not predictable wave chop, but random stuff.
  • Current is, well yes. I have a whole bunch of stuff on that. Just know that the tidal range is about 9 feet every 6 hours or so.
  • Map of the closest parking garages (


Image result for east end beach portland maine

58 Fore Street click here for Google Map and directions
Portland, Maine 04101

Local: (207) 772-7245

SailMaine is located at the eastern end of Thames St. on the Portland Waterfront.   
Use this link on our website to find a map with our location.  You might have to zoom in once top get a go view of our location. 
While SailMaine does not have a designated parking lot, we have access for participants to DROP OFF ONLY at SailMaine’s gate at the end of the Amethyst lot which is at the end of Thames Street. There is a sign that says “lot temporarily closed,” but that is to keep others out.  Parking for participants after dropping off gear can be found all around the neighborhood. There is on-street parking on the Eastern Prom (just up the hill) if you don’t want to pay for parking and don’t mind walking (10 min walk). There are two parking lots within a 5-10 minute walk on Commercial Street: All day parking is $15 at the intersection of India St. and Commercial, and the Ocean Gateway garage is just past that.  
SailMaine is an community sailing center located on Portland’s waterfront.  Our new neighbor—Fore Points Marina– just opened their marina last weekend. The marina is still somewhat under construction.  However, we are planning to use their docks for rotations.  
All sailors must wear PFD’s on any dock.  We are not requiring coaches to wear them but if you would like to wear one SailMaine has plenty for coaches to use.  When we use Fore Points Marina dock’s, only participants, coaches, official volunteers and SailMaine staff are allowed on the Fore Points Marina docks by request of Fore Points Marina.   Teams will NOT be able to set up tents or other apparatus on the Fore Points Marina docks.   
Don’t forget to bring reusable water bottles!
Registration and Practice Day
We have received all the team’s registrations for the event, although we have not received everyone’s security deposit yet.  
Registration and Check/in is from 1300 to 1700 on Friday May 24th.  
Please remember to email the regatta chair Chris Crane at if you want to practice at SailMaine on Friday.  
Water Temp and Weather
We are seeing readings as high as 48 and as low as 44 for water temps right now.  There is no requirement that you wear a dry suit or wet suit but we have trained our staff and instructor our volunteers to remove people from the water because of signs of hypothermia.   As a point of reference, we just removed the requirement that sailors wear drysuit but some have still chosen to because of the water temperatures.
The current forecast for the weekend looks to be normal for this time of year with air temperatures ranging from 45 to 70. 
Spectators may be able to view the racing from the SailMaine docks or facility. There is also a beautiful walking path that allows for great viewing.  Just a few minutes down the walking path you can walk up into Fort Allen Park and watch the races from on top of the eastern prom. This is usually the best place to watch from because you get a top down view.  There is also plenty of free parking along the prom if you don’t want to walk. 
Breakfast and Lunch
Saturday we are planning a great breakfast for all the competitors so be there just a few minutes early so you can get a breakfast sandwich prepared by SailMaine’s Board President Chris Robinson. 
Sunday we are planning a continental breakfast for everyone. 
Teams are on their own for lunch.  The closest and best place to get sandwiches on the weekend is “Amatos.”  Amatos is a 5-10 minute walk from the facility at 71 India St.   Many of the teams last weekend order sandwiches there and picked them up.  Their menu can be found HERE
Amatos’ phone number 207) 773-1682
Amatos’ Website 
If you have any questions about site logistics please don’t hesitate to reach out.  My email is and my cell phone number is 646-552-3499.

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