Sail Sand Point Venue

Sail Sand Point is an old seaplane hangar on the northern part of Lake Washington. The lake is locked, so there should be no discernible current. The water temperature is in the high 50’s. This is generally a light, maybe medium-air venue with afternoon thermals (from the city) which would be a northerly. Southerlies are […]

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Kings Point (USMMA)

USMMA KINGS POINT 2017 MASSA Mallory Qualifier Sailors: Connor Bayless ’17 Stephanie Houck ‘17 Aidan Morgan ‘17 Caroline McNeil ‘18 Camille White ‘18 Blair Reilly ‘18 Caroline Bayless ‘19 Abby Tindall ‘19   Event.: The United States Merchant Marine Academy (300 Steamboat Rd, Kings Point, NY 11024). It was about a five to six-hour drive […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-7

Fleet Racing Focus final boat handling work on speed / weight trim / sail trim Final beat strategies. Staying Ahead on the Final Beat, Scott Ikle a few races start to finish This all depends on there being any wind. FJ Grace’s Coach Boat 1 Maddie Hawkins Abby Tindall 2 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba 3 […]

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Practice Monday 5-6-2019

Light air speed and freedom day, with ISSA boathandling rules/restrictions recognition. FOCUS:  1) Clear Air in Light Air, and 2) Legal, smooth, boat-handling and sail trim (and weight trim) work on smooth boat handling, taking advantage of flat water to gain distance upwind with slow initial turns in your tacks. downwind, again, you have to […]

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Practice Friday 5-3

-Haul coach boat at end of day -starting line practice. Work on setup/defending spot, spot poaching, and generally hyper-thoughtful starts. Observe, concentrate, and execute. -5o5 team de-rig at 1715. FJ Grace’s Coach Boat 1 Maddie Hawkins Abby Tindall 2 Mariner Fagan Raam Fox Addi Harris 3 Teddy Cromwell Hayden  Lamb Andrea Riefkohl 4 Patrick Dolan […]

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Practice Thursday 5-2

Practice today: We will keep an eye on the weather and hope to get a little sailing in. Need to chat with BCSC Varsity weekend teams. Remind me to do this……… A little TR for the FJ’s, and some 2 on 2 for the 420’s. Fleet race practice start technique against TOP competition. What are […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-1

Simple Boat Handling Day Have to launch the Petrinko motor boat. warm ups with RS windsprints, the usual. Rabbit is a 420. 420’s start on the far end as usual, and then tack out so we are free of each other upwind. If we break off I will go with the 420’s (sailing) and Coach […]

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