Practice Thursday 8-29-2019

**You may leave your sailing gear near the pendulum for the day ONLY if you stow it as out of the way as you possibly can, underneath the stairs**


We will go to the marina, and rig as many boats as are working and we can fill. We will also launch coach boats, assuming they make it down to the Marina. Today will be a day to shake down the boats, get the shed cleaned out and organized, and get as many people sailing as possible. We will have to sail out of the back lot this week. Starting next week we can move the boats into their normal location.

Bus leaves at 3:05 PM. For those taking the bus, please be ready to go. If you have turned in your driver form, and can go with a student driver, please do so, as we may have a full bus.

  • I am creating our teams official 2019-2020 roster based on those who have filled in the questionnaire. So, as far as I know, those that are trying out for sailing this fall are the names listed below. If you don’t see your name there you must fill out the questionnaire before hitting the water:
  • We should be finished today by 1745. This will be our normal pickup time. You are NOT required to ride the bus back to school after practice, please tell your ride that you can be picked up at the Magothy Marina.
  • NO LASERS today. We will focus on 420’s and FJs and getting everything ready.
  • I will make up pairs as soon as I get a complete roster, so check back here to see with whom you are sailing today.
  • Assuming we get out on the water, we will do a few very simple tack/gybe-on-the-whistle drills. I will describe these. Then we may have a few crew substitutions/switches, and maybe a few informal races.
Jordan Bruce
Hayden Lamb
Ryan Wahba
Addi H
Charlie Granitto
Maddie Hawkins
Mariner Fagan
Chase W Hilliard
Zander king
Jack O’Donnell
Cole Petrinko
Owen Hennessey
Patrick Dolan
Anna Howell
Chase O’Malley
Alex Brenia
Ella May Corckran
Raam Fox
Robby Meek
Lilly Baker
Emma Trippett
Benjamin Saunders
Nick Garcia

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