Practice Thursday 9-12-2019

RACE DAY Prepare for a RACE DAY, with committee boat, flags, and an on-the-water judge. Judge can make penalty calls. You cannot ask for a call from a judge though. NW wind in our venue is very tricky. Prepare for unpredictable stuff. Head down there, rig up, and head out. NO MEETING. You may go […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-11-2019

Practice Objectives: The Art of the Start (and some team racing maybe) Like a leeward gate rounding, good, consistent starting can ultimately be seen as a means-to-an-end, and successful execution of your plan. The end is to be going fast in a clear lane on the lifted or correct tack. Pretty simple, but easier said than […]

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Practice Tuesday, 9-10-2019

Final Beat / Gate Choice Day I will explain before we head out how we will do these drills. Today we will all sail together and work on two things: Final Beat tactics and strategy. In any final beat, you should have a conscious plan before rounding the mark. Remember in sailing almost more than […]

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Practice Monday, 9-9-2019

Today FJ Group with me today. We will work on some team racing today, and FJ boat handling FTL starts -> play to mark 1 and 2. Really important to work on recognition today FTL-Downwind, work on communication and combinations, through mark 3 to 4 We will begin to discuss teams, crew/skipper combo ideas and […]

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Practice Friday 9-6-2019

Captains Practice today, on campus. Please meet at the flagpole near the football/lacrosse field at 1515, and be dressed for athletic activity. This practice should conclude no later than 1630. I believe the small field is taken; Mr. Domenech said the Old Gym is open if you’d like to use that. Might be wise to […]

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Race Day Notes, 9-04

Today was a w/sw wind from 4-10 knots, oscillating 20 degrees, or sometimes more, around the center of our race course, and in a rare achievement we set the race course from the get-go pretty well right in the middle of this wind, so no marks were ever moved. This has almost never happened before; […]

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