Practice Wednesday 2-26-2020

PRACTICE WEDNESDAY: Building on Monday, and Team Racing 101
Today we will continue to work on teamwork inside the boat, mostly still on upwind. Please work hard on the FTL & acceleration to a tack/stop-start drill.
Our very first team race drill breaks it all down to “Beat your guy”. Your ONE goal today is to improve as team racing boat by working on one thing: beat your guy. To that end, we will run a semi-continuous Match Race drill:

  1. I will pair you off with your opponent. This will be a short course. Do what you need to do to get, or stay, ahead, and work with your crew to execute excellent boat handling. During the drill, if you hear 2 whistles, you MUST stop your boat in its place IMMEDIATELY. Failure to do so will cost you a lap around the Magothy.
  2. You will lead/chase (by following me), and on the whistle you will race up to a weather mark (round to starboard), mark 2, then round mark 3. Rounding mark 3 ends the drill, and you start over with a different partner.
  3. There will be several match races going on at once, so you need to watch out for them, abiding by the RRS, and cover or pass your opponent.
  • Make-up Team Run
  • Warm-up: FTL, whistle upwind
    • 1 whistle = tack
    • 2 whistles = stop/go
    • 3 whistles = assess place on race course and race to upwind mark
  • Match-Race a go-go
  • We may tow out to Dobbins if conditions suggest it
z420 Coach Boat
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba
2 Maddie Hawkins Jordan Bruce Hayden Lamb
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris
4 Owen Hennessey Andrea Riefkohl Coach Boat 2
5 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Regan King
6 Zander King Rees Tindall Audrey Klepper
7 Teddy Cromwell Alex Brenia Lila Gibson
8 Patrick Dolan Chase W Hilliard
9 Kyle Reinecke Lilly Baker Brooke Arnold
10 Jack O’Donnell Cole Petrinko
11 Robby Meek Chase O’Malley
12 Nick Garcia Anna Howell OUT
Riley Condon

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