Practice Tuesday 3-3-2020

Team Race Practice
Today we will do a few boat handling drills all together:

  • RS windsprint, tack on whistle, stop/start
  • DW gybe, etc.   3 whistles is slow down to a stop if possible, 3 whistles is start up again.
  • Practice team races with the double-whistle. during the race, if/when i blow 2 whistles everyone stops. I then call a boat or two to go… then 2 whistles starts it up again.   Red vs. Black, and Blue vs. Green


  • Please check FJ’s. I drained them early this morning, but please drain them again so that they do NOT sit over there full of water.
  • Check your boats…. make sure all is working well.
  • EVERY BOAT MUST have a bow-line before sailing today. NO exceptions. If you don’t have a shackle, to attach your bow line, find one. Most of them are bright orange.
  • Safety Talk
    • Never leave your boat (when out on the water)
    • Never stand on an overturned hull unless you are doing it to save yourself or a teammate.
    • If conditions ever deteriorate enough to the point where you feel uncomfortable, and I am out of earshot, feel free to begin heading in.
    • ALWAYS stay low in the boat…especially downwind. Never put your body, especially head, in the potential path of the boom.
z420 Coach Boat
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba
2 Maddie Hawkins Jordan Bruce Hayden Lamb
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris
4 Owen Hennessey Cole Petrinko Coach Boat 2
5 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox
6 Zander King Rees Tindall Riley Condon
7 Teddy Cromwell
8 Patrick Dolan Regan King Lila Gibson
9 Chase W Hilliard Audrey Klepper
10 Kyle Reinecke Lilly Baker OUT
11 Jack O’Donnell Nick Garcia Brooke Arnold
12 Robby Meek Chase O’Malley Andrea Riefkohl
Anna Howell

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