Practice Wednesday 3-11-2020

Team Race Wednesday (if wind)

  • We may get our magic Magothy easterly today, and if so, we will team race. Either way, PLEASE haul the “Admirals” whaler.
  • Drills:
    • Black/Blue TR around course.
    • Red/Green Normal TR start to mark 1. Then, get in a  1,2,3,4,5,6. Chase to Mark 3. End drill around mark 3. Repeat 3 times. Like to try Red in a 1-4-6 as well if there’s time. Red, please discuss your thoughts on chase plays downwind, and 1-4-6 strategy..
    • Maybe a full team race for Red/green

If no wind (and in a few of these even if there is wind)

  • Team Workout: team calisthenics run by Your Captains
  • Haul non-working coach boat right away (“Admirals” whaler), deliver to South Shore Marine.
  • Go over ALL FJ’s. Remember Friday to remove bent/damaged FJ mast so we can quickly put the new one in on Saturday morning.
  • Pack up all i420’s and tie down trailer; make ready for travel.
  • Make sure BOTH FJ and 420 jibs ALL have new sheets. Coil and store all old sheets.
  • check ALL boats everywhere; universals, tape, rings, hiking strap tie down lines, etc. In fact, I will bring a boat checklist to be used on ALL 18 boats.
  • Clean out shed, add hanging racks for ropes, move tools and some inventory into the Tiny House.
  • empty trash
  • clean out behind shed
  • Make docking lines for all coach boats/ work on Pontoon boat…clean, etc.
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba Coach Boat
2 Jordan Bruce Raam Fox
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris
4 Patrick Dolan Hayden Lamb
5 Nick Garcia Cole Petrinko Riley Condon
6 Jack O’Donnell Audrey Klepper
7 Teddy Cromwell Lila Gibson
8 Kyle Reinecke Anna Howell
9 Robby Meek Regan King
10 Zander King Lilly Baker OUT
11 Thomas Sitzmann Andrea Riefkohl Brooke Arnold
12 Owen Hennessey Alex Brenia Rees Tindall
Maddie Hawkins
FJ Chase W Hilliard

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