Practice this Week, 4-1 to 4-3

Greetings from Maine;

As you all are painfully aware, athletics all over the country are suspended until further notice. Our district holds out hope, if things improve vastly, to hold regattas, maybe even the MD State Championship, sometime in May. For now, that seems like a remote thought, at best. Our focus now is on re-creating some semblance of academic school life, starting tomorrow.

With all my heart, it is with profound gratitude and sadness that I write to thank our team, parents, and especially and most prominently our seniors, for your efforts and work, not only this spring (which was shaping up to be one legendary season) but throughout your entire time with the Severn School Sailing Team.

As I mentioned awhile back, our team’s approach, attitude, mission, and focus are built for times like these; while regatta results and performance are nice accolades, our program has been, is, and always will be about something much more, something that really can’t be taken away, at any time, by anything.

While that cannot erase the sharp pain and loss I am sure we all feel in missing this season, I hope over time this fades away for you, and all the best memories, of which we have so many to choose from, sink in permanently. We’ll always be here, and you’ll always be part of the family. You know where to find us, and I will look forward to seeing you again….   H2O



Given all the ups and downs, uncertainties of this week, we will take at least Wed and Thursday OFF (and maybe Friday too) from any formal meetings of any kind. We’ll all be zoomed-out this week I’m sure just from classes. So, please take time to acclimatize yourself to your new classrooms….



Our team website (as it’s pretty much always done) will act as a resource for any new events or meetings we may have. In fact this note is posted there now. Check in on it periodically… and our Google Group email list is also a resource. Going forward we may do talks, short classroom virtual lectures, and maybe some virtual racing, We’ll see. I am open as always to your suggestions.


The Sailing Team does in fact have a MySevern presence:

….and on there you can find our ZoomRoom for face-time meetings if/when we have them.


Severn School Sailing Team ZoomRoom



If you would like to do some work for the team (or you want to switch your ISP), we can always use sailing team website maintenance and help. Aidan/Connor did this several years ago and it was a big help. Just ring me and let me know if you have interest.



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