Friday, 4/10/2020 Practice: Sailing Team Workout Challenge #1

Workout Challenge #1:      Friday 4/10/2020 — Tuesday @ 1500, 4/14/2020


  1. Create seven (7) workout routines (push ups, sit ups, etc.). Tailor them to you and to making you a better sailor. You will do THREE (3) sets of each. Count how many reps you do of each. For example, if you choose push-ups, do 3 sets, and maybe you do 30, 20, and 15. That is a TOTAL of 65 for that day. This is important for calculating.
  2. Devise an aerobic/cardio day, or simply come up with 7 different workout routines.
  3. Alternate workout routines every other day.
  4. BE HONEST about what you do, and do not do.
  5. Now, go to our Sailing Team Workout Challenge Spreadsheet, and carefully fill in your workout routine. I have done mine in advance as a guide. Fill in your seven (7) workouts, saving the last (bottom) row (which is gray) for your cardio.
  6. FILLING IN THE SPREADSHEET DAILY. Your names are listed in first-name alphabetical order.
    1. Fill in the total reps you did of that workout each day.
    2. For cardio, fill in the TOTAL MINUTES you did whatever cardio you did. See image below for reference




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