Practice Tuesday 4-28-2020: Prep for Immunity Challenge #1

oday we will meet at 1500. Meeting ID: 387-183-182
We will:
  • Finalize details for Frozen Tee Challenge
  • I will reveal Immunity Challenge #2. You WILL need:
    • a whiffle ball bat or similar
    • access to internet
    • a tape measure
    • ideally someone to video you as you compete in the challenge.
    • a place where you can run 15 ft., fall over if necessary, and also access a computer/zoom screen.
  • Remember, Fire Tokens are now officially available, and may be present, handed out for outstanding comments/actions, etc. Fire tokens are like currency (all societies develop currency), and with enough tokens, you may be able to purchase for your tribe an advantage in the Game

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