Practice Tuesday 9/15/2020

-Make up run tomorrow for those that still need to run

-When you get to the Marina, check in with me if you were not on campus today, and we will re-institute temperature checks for those that did not go to school today.

– No pre-sail meeting. Dress, rig, and go. You can head out as soon as your boat is ready. Do NOT block access to launching if you are not ready to launch. Normally you can raise your main most of the way before launching, unless it’s a bad breeze direction or windy. Please do not lag around. Minor rigging tune ups you can do on the way out, you do not need to hang on the dock taking forever to rig, holding up the rest of us.


-Right now breeze looks to be light/dying by practice time, but its an easterly and we usually hang on to that direction a little better than others. If we can sail, we will work on lighter air boat handling especially tacks, jibes, and mark roundings. We will also do a fair number of practice starts….

Things to work on today (if indeed it’s light air)

  • work with your partner to balance the boat properly at all times, but do not move weight in too sharp/harsh a manner.
  • don’t steer the boat with the rudder unless absolutely necessary
  • roll the 420 VERY late (well past head-to-wind) and work to roll as hard as you possibly can. Some crews need a lot of work on this.
  • DW, we will do a drill called the WingOn-Gybe:
    • starts when you are wing-off dw.
    • 3 whistles = wing on… aggressively…. hold that wing on for about 2-4 seconds… then gybe to wing off.
    • If you don’t know why were are working on this, ask someone.
  • round marks wide, then tight, using weight. NEVER over trim the jib around a leeward mark rounding. Be smooth and steering wider is better than narrower.
Sitz Coach Ron
z420 Coach Boat Coach Boat
1 Zander King Rees Tindall Scarlett Harris Raeha Richman
2 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Dede Tindall Kiernan Robinson
3 Owen Hennessey Alex Brenia Gavin Petrinko
4 Robby Meek Lilly Baker Nate Long
5 Patrick Dolan Ella May Corckran
6 Kyle Reinecke Chase W Hilliard
7 Ava Cornell Cole Petrinko
Chris Sixbey John Szynal OUT
9 Chris McCollum Anna Howell  Jack O’Donnell
10 Will Friedell Julia Hlousek
11 Chase O’Malley

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