Practice Tuesday 9/29/2020: FINAL BEAT/DOWNWIND Day

Today we will hope to sail and avoid large amounts of rain. If the large amounts of rain comes, we will head in. Be prepared in that case for practice to end a little early. We have a FIRST and SECOND group today. At some point we will switch into the second group to give others a chance to sail.

I will run a few minutes late to practice; if Coach Ron is there, you may head right out and practice on your own. Please stay reasonably together. When I get out there make sure you sail to me.
We will do a Final Beat, Final Run drill all day today. This is in SNO (sail-number-order), starting today with 12 and descending. Second time we start with 11 descending, etc. For the final beat, you will follow me and form up in SNO. You will then round a mark to port and go downwind to a leeward gate. You will not have much time to pass at all, so your object is to find the pest path around the gate. Then race upwind to a finish line. Count your +/- based on how you finish relative to where you started the drill. Then, we will form up in the same SNO and round a weather mark and gate, racing to a finish line. Same deal.

z420 FIRST GROUP Coach Boat Coach Boat
1 Zander King Rees Tindall Gavin Petrinko Raeha Richman
2 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Scarlett Harris Kiernan Robinson
3 Robby Meek Lilly Baker Helena English
4 Nate Long
5 Chris McCollum Julia Hlousek
6 Will Friedell John Szynal Dede Tindall
7 Owen Hennessey Alex Brenia
8 Patrick Dolan Chase W Hilliard OUT
9 Ava Cornell Ella May Corckran
10 Chase O’Malley
11 Kyle Reinecke Cole Petrinko
12 Jack O’Donnell Anna Howell
Chris Sixbey
1 Zander King Gavin Petrinko
2 Thomas Sitzmann Scarlett Harris
3 Robby Meek Helena English
5 Chris McCollum Nate Long
6 Will Friedell Raeha Richman 1
7 Owen Hennessey Rees Tindall 2
8 Patrick Dolan Chase W Hilliard 3
9 Ava Cornell Dede Tindall
10 4
11 Kyle Reinecke Kiernan Robinson 5
12 Jack O’Donnell Anna Howell 6

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