Team Notice, FRIDAY 11-6-2020

Good morning;
First, apologies for the proliferation of countermanding emails yesterday. I promise this is the last of this season. I’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment and read this.While we have had good progress on the water this fall, it’s of course been a bit bittersweet, practicing on average only two times a week and not competing in weekend events for our school team. Through it all I appreciate our team members who kept focus on us, and I also applaud everyone who went out and sought other sailing opportunities.Below you will find some information and details about the winter and next season, and a final re-cap on the whirlwind tour of our roster for this weekend’s regatta.
Severn School Sailing Team is officially off, of course. I encourage our team members to do other things, and as always place primary focus on school work.That said, I had a talk on Wednesday after practice with our top varsity players, and I encouraged them to work together toward whatever their goal may be.I am more than happy to sit in on, help organize, and invite guest speakers to, a once-weekly team race meeting, or a workout regimen, or both.This is not mandatory by any means. I will discuss this with the team again today.I also encourage our skippers/crews to work (sail/train) with each otherin the off season (that includes summer) to build team chemistry and proficiency. The benefits from this are obvious and significant. That can’t always happen of course, but it is a nice sign when it does that we are, and want to, work with each other.One message I sent to the team Wednesday night is that at the national level, not so much here in our area, successful teams have and make commitments to each other, and that clearly pays off, especially when it comes to team racing.
We hope to have a spring season. Assuming that happens, spring is a little different than the fall, and more regimented. First, we strictly limit novice participation for safety reasons, as the water/air is dangerously cold, along with generally stronger winds. Second, spring is our “official” season and we are 100% focused on advanced training and development. There are most certainly opportunities for athletes who are sailing-inexperienced in the spring, and we always need crews of different sizes, but we will not carry extra novice crews, and will make cuts as necessary. If any students have questions about this please come see me.Come start of the spring season, I expect our varsity players to be in excellent physical shape, and ready to compete.
We will break down boats as a team today. There IS a bus ride, only 1-way (the bus is drop-off only and will NOT offer a ride back to campus).This is a total team effort. We will work until dark. If we do not finish, we will return Wednesday to do so.
COMMUNICATION / SCHOOL POLICYAs I hope all our players know, I try to set a practice schedule on our team website each day. I also use this email list as a means of communication, and we have both a team and parent list. These are our methods of communication and work pretty well. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. That said, our school 
THIS WEEKENDIf there was any uncertainty about our varsity team race sailing practice yesterday and through a fault of mine, I apologize. Virtually everyone seemed to make it, and it was our last varsity sailing day together. So, I am re-instating our teams for this weekend as per below. If you cannot or will not make it tomorrow or Sunday, please let me know right away. If I do not hear from you, I will expect you to be there tomorrow.
A Division is sailing FJ on Saturday so meet at SSA at 0830B Division is sailing 420 on Saturday so meet at AYC at 0830
SEVERN 1 Admirals A div    Zander/Rees
 B div    Owen/Alex

SEVERN 2      Thomas/Raam     Robby/Lilly
SEVERN 3  Ava/Ella May(on Saturday)/ Scarlett(on Sunday)  Kyle/Julia
SEVERN 4  Patrick/Chase H  Will Friedell / John Szynal(?)
Alt crews  -Julia  -Scarlett

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