Practice Monday 3-8-2021

Today is the Team Run. Make sure that you know the route… do not get lost.
Also, in addition to your own fitness routine, part of your homework for sailing team is to learn the Electric Slide. We will begin practicing this tomorrow. No exceptions.

We will then go over basic college dinghy tuning and sail trim if there is no wind. If there is wind, we will sail.
FJ’s will do team racing with Coach Tom and 420 will do Practice 1 stuff with Coach Ron. Drills, etc. will be discussed at the venue if there is wind.


7 Jack Regan King Julia
8 Kyle Lila Gibson Gavin
9 Will John Reese Corckran
10 Chris M. Helena English Kate Castleberry
11 Nate Audrey Klepper
1 Zander Rees
2 Thomas Raam
3 Owen Alex
4 Robby Lilly
5 Patrick Chase
6 Ava Scarlett
OUT / Coach Boat

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