SB Practice Wednesday 3/24/2021


Given the bad weather, we will simply do a RACE DAY today, starting with a Fleet Race Regatta. This will be a 4 race regatta. At the conclusion, we will then have a round-robin  Dos-en-Dos TR Tourneo (see teams below).

***if the weather is awful, we may end today at 1500***

Fleet Race:

  • On-the-water judging will be in place
  • course is a 2- 3, or 4 leg W/L with a gate and an offset. Its your job to know what the course is.


  • Round robin, with finals if time and wind allow.
  • Umpired.
    Coach boat
Zander Rees Regan King
Thomas Raam  
Robby Lilly Coach Boat 2
Owen Alex Reese Corckran
Patrick Chase  
Kyle Lila Gibson Kate Castleberry
Ava Scarlett  
Jack Audrey Klepper  
Chris M. Gavin  
Will John  
Nate Helena English  
  Julia Hlousek  
Dos en Dos Tourneo  
La Bamba  
Zander Rees
Lila Gibson/Scarlett
Los Lobos  
Thomas Raam
Patrick Chase
Adios, Pantalones  
Robby Lilly
Audrey Klepper
Hasta la Vista, Bebe  
Owen Alex
Kyle Regan King


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