Practice Monday 4-5-2021

EVERYONE check your boat today (including FJ) before you go out:

  • water in tanks. Report to me if you find water
  • shroud chainplates and rings. MAKE SURE Yours are taped.
  • tiller extension universal
  • excess wear on any running rigging

Practice 3 (tactics/strategy) today: Starting Strategy, Downwind leg tactics, gate rounding decision-making, tactics, and boat-handling.

We will practice as one team today.

  1. STARTS. we will practice mostly one-minute rule starts. We will also restrict area in which you can operate before the start. Starting line will change in size and orientation to the wind. Your goal is in each start to avoid disaster and get a manageable start. What is a manageable start? Ask me.
  2. DW Tactics.
  3. Gate-Rounding


  1. Practice Starts. We will do 4 practice starts. The 5th start will be a race to a weather mark. Stop there.
  2. DW SNO FTL to LM. Follow the leader to a weather mark rounding, race to leeward gate. Depending on where you are in the fleet, either hold, look to make small gains, or look to pass 2-3 boats. Set up for the proper gate and make a GREAT leeward mark rounding.
  3. Repeat.
420Coach boat
2Kate Castleberry
3Reese Corckran
9PatrickAudrey KlepperOUT
10Chris M.Helena EnglishLila Gibson
12NateJulia Hlousek
FJSitz Coach Boat
5JackRegan King

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