Practice Thursday 4-15-2021

Team Race Practice: All about BALANCE & Communication

Boats 1-6 will “practice around the course” in the following manner:

Start: We will do a “real” start and either go with it or re-start. Work on your team starting timing.

First Beat: Work on recognition->execution. Whistle-Stops-the-Game. when I blow 2 whistles, everyone has to stop exactly where they are on the beat. I then change a few boats’ positions, and then 2 whistles you start up again.

First offset: Pig-in-Middle 3 times (black/red). Each boat gets to be the Pig. Start the drill on or above starboard layline to mark 1.

Downwind: 1-4-5 / 2-3-6 Pairing to mark 3.

Second Offset: Pig in middle. Start drill in FTL heading downwind to mark 3 (black/red).

Final Beat: 1-4-5/ 2-3-6 around mark 4 to finish line.



Boats 8-12: 2 on 2 Last boat loses, 8/9 vs. 10/11 Nate/Julia work on basic boat-handling if not too windy

420Coach boat
5JackScarlett <-Audrey Klepper
6KyleLila Gibson
8AvaReese Corckran
9ChaseRegan King<- Helena English
10WillGavin<- Kate Castleberry
11Chris M.JohnOUT
12NateJulia Hlousek

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