Practice Monday 4-19-2021

TR Practice

  1. TR starts with Black vs Red, Then Green vs. Blue
  2. 2 whistles STOP WHERE YOU ARE; Ill reset positions and balance, then start up again.
  3. Bump & Run/Clear Out Drill at 1st offset. When we get to the WM, form up in FTL groups of 3 Leader has 2 opponents behind, and tries to stall (bump & run) the 2 opponents behind as much as you possibly can without losing the 1
  4. 2 Behind 1 Drill DW: TR dw, with 2 boats chasing 1 boat.
  5. Bump & Run/Clear Out Drill at 2nd offset.
  6. Reset.

z420Coach boat
3RobbyLillyHelena English
8Chris M.Gavin
11Chase (arriving late)KateOUT
12NateJuliaLila Gibson

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