Practice Wednesday 9-29-2021

Fleet Race Day, scored and videoed. It’s too nice a day to do anything else. We will have the usual 4 leg W/L, but I will shorten up the 2nd & 3rd legs a bit.
I have a General Recall flag, and I will try to find an X-flag as well. NO MEETING Go out and practice and get ready

420Coach Boat(s)
8NateChris SixbeyFinn Fries
9ChaseNatalie KingEmma F
10JuliaReese CorckranAnna Howell
11WillJohn SzynalMacKenzie Getz
12Chris M.Cherop SoiGavin Petrinko
1ThomasHelena EnglishScarlett Harris
2RobbyElla May
3KyleLilly BakerPaisley Pentecost
4AvaAlex Brenia
5RaamLila Gibson
6SamJedKate Castleberry

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