Practice Monday, 4-11-2022


  • Remind me about the back lot trailers.

PRACTICE:  FLEET RACE DAY with a few Twists

  • Overall, we will have a formal race-day with the following twists:
    • every start is a “1-minute rule” start
    • after each race start, 2 boats will be called over early, and must round-the-end re-start. This is in addition to any boats that might also actually be over early.
    • Kinetics judges will be watching and will flag anyone (720 penalty) that breaks any part of kinetics rules.
  • Starting Strategies
    • “be able to tack right”
    • win left
    • pinch off
    • play middle
    • stay with a certain boat (regatta points, match race, etc.)
  • Starting Tactics
    • late setup
    • early setup
    • port approach
  • The Art of the Comeback: When your original plan is thrown out the window, what do you do? Do not surrender; make a new plan.
    • What happens when you get behind? How do your tactics change?
      • have to sail in bad air a bit (more flexible sail trim and positioning realities)
      • don’t necessarily take a flyer just because you are behind
      • your goal is to pass 1-3 boats
      • margin for error is 0: simple fastest-path tactics and no mistakes will pay off
1 Thomas Scarlett OUT
2 Robby Lilly
3 Kyle Ella May
4 Raam Lila
5 Ava Jed
6 Sam Reese
7 Coach Boat
8 Will John Helena
9 Alex
10 Chris M. Chase Emma
11 Nate Kate
12 Julia Mackenzie

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