Practice Wednesday 4-27-2022


  • ALL CONDITIONAL here. If the wind gets crazy, we will abort mission and have a RED TEAM meeting in my room after school (this weekend’s Red team is listed below). I will send that out by 1400.
  • Launch TOON


  • We will have 2 TR teams, and maybe a third, and do some TR practice in the cove.
  • Some “Coach Boat” players will be on the TOON, running team races and watching team racing. Others will be in the Whaler, watching and potentially umpiring. We will make substitutions as/if/when necessary.

RED TEAM for the weekend
Thomas, Robby, Kyle, Raam, Lilly, Ella May, Scarlett, Jed, Alex, (if forecast changes dramatically we will add Chase)

1 Thomas Jed OUT
2 Robby Lilly Helena
3 Raam Alex Lila
4 Will John Mackenzie
5 Ava Chase Kyle
6 Sam Reese
11 Coach Boat
Ella May
FJ Julia
1 Emma
2 Scarlett
4 Chris M.
5 Kate
6 Nate

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